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Saturday, 13 June 2009

Past Imperfect.

I'm a little obsessed with the British class system and it's demise after the second world war, so for me Julian Fellowes Past Imperfect was a bit like eating nine Krispy Kremes in one sitting and then licking the icing off of the box without shame i.e. it did things to me that rarely are done.

Nostalgic but not sentimental, Past Imperfect is a look back on the intricacies and politics of a young man trying to enter the kingdom of the privileged in 1960's England. The story is intriguing, believable and well executed, as well as well-informed and historically clear. I truly felt that I was in Damien Baxter's snob-riddled and insecurity-fueled world as I went on the journey to try and discover who he may have fathered a child with, and who would inherit his £500 million fortune.


My advice? Read it. And then have a doughnut.
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