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Monday, 29 June 2009

The Secret.

I pulled this out of my bag to show Calum. "Is that a children's book?" he asked me. "No," I replied. "It's the book that will change your life." He looked at me. "But it looks shit."

And I concurred. It does look shit.

But oh my. Look beyond the horribly shiny papered pages and silly front cover design. Neither of those are author Rhonda Byrne's fault. The Secret? AMAZING.

It's essentially stories of positive thinking, repeated over and over again in various forms. But I keep coming back to this book, and every time I do my faith in myself and my ability to attract good things and people and energy into my life simply by using the basic law of attraction outlined by Byrne is what does it.

Don't pick it up and dismiss it as hippy rocking horse poop. At least finish it. Then tell me it didn't help you get out of bed in the morning just a little bit. 'Cause it will.

And that's something not even I can make an inappropriate, ill-advised- poorly-judged joke about. MIRACLES DO HAPPEN.
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