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Thursday, 11 June 2009

Single Mother on the Verge.

Maria Roberts offers an intimate hand-in-hand journey with her through the mind-bogglingly complicated months approaching her 30th birthday with SMOV.

Based on her endearingly and disarmingly honest Single Mother on the Verge blog, the book charters her decision to end an abusive relationship, and then chronicles the shaky but brave steps she makes to rebuild her life with a vegan eco-warrior who doesn't believe in monogomy. All the while, she has an insightful, intelligent and bright nine-year-old son to look after, whose appearances throughout are a delight: surely Jack is one of the most likeable book characters ever known to literature?

So will Maria get her happy ending by 30? You desperately want her to. Humorous, engaging, readable.

Four stars and a thumbs up.
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