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Thursday, 17 December 2009

It Doesn't Prove Anything.

When stopping for McDonald's petrol yesterday, I had to navigate a tricky bit of winding, bendy road as I navigated off of the dual carriage way.

As I indicated right I was somewhat aware of what looked like a uniformed police officer in an unmarked car sat in the layby. Always a model citizen (shut up! You at the back!), I made a mental note to watch my speed/indications/hands-at-two-and-ten.

I approached a stupid painted-in-the-raod-like-a-big-white-cow-turd circular roundabout (oh wait, are there any other kind? Of course it was circular! D'uh) and stopped. I looked both ways. I calmly indicated my intention to turn left, and put the car into gear as I pulled away to the right and congratulated myself on using the painted circle as intended, rather than just driving right over it as I might have done had I not seen the unmarked police car.

On my way around the roundabout, another car pulled out and came straight at me. It was a middle-aged man, in a suit, so automatically I stuck my middle finger up at him and shouted, "BLOODY BUSINESSMEN THINKING THEY OWN THE ROADS! READ THE HIGHWAY CODE!" and then I might have added 'Wanker' to the end of that but I can't be entirely sure. Swearing like that would be most unlike me. I shook my head vigorously as the ignorant businessman looked vaguely bemused and carried on regardless.

"I don't believe it," I thought to myself. "Some people think the rules are for everybody but them. Idiots in suits- never any consideration for anybody else. Animals- that is what they are. Animals. The lot of them." And then I tutted.

You see, though, the thing is, that when I pulled into the car park, I realised that I had come in the exit. As in not the entrance.

I looked around.

I had gone around the roundabout the wrong way.

Sorry Mr. Businessman.
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