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Monday, 19 July 2010

Hole-y Hell.

I had my first proper day off in two months yesterday. It was pretty freaking awesome.

Saturday was an absolute cow, with a 5 a.m. start, three trains and a bus to the airport; a bus from the airport to the plane; a two hour delay on the runway; and then another bus, the tube, and a half hour walk WITH ALL MY LUGGAGE to my home for the next two weeks. So obviously I wanted to blow off some steam after I got over the worst mood in the history of my life.

I went to Camden with friends. Friends I need to tell you alllll about. But first, I'll tell you this.

I got my nose pierced.

I just sort of felt like it. And to be honest, I spent April 2007 walking around Bangalore, India with a bindi stuck my nose trying out how it felt and STILL the desire to have metal in my nose has not ceased. So I did it, because I just sort of thought well. Why not? And I happen to think it looks quite pretty.

And then of course I wanted to tell The Parents, because obviously we have such an open and honest relationship that I can tell them anything and it's cool. I didn't want approval or compliment, I just wanted to tell them about my day. I dropped dad a text.

Me: I just got my nose pierced!

Dad: Twat.

Me: That's not very nice. It looks good! You'll adore it!

Dad: Trust me. I won't.

Me: Alright. But at least it isn't another tattoo that will last forever. This can come out.

Dad: Not impressed.

Me: Okay. I'll go and sit in a corner and think about what I have done.

Dad: I'll tell you. You have successfully ostracised yourself from a sizable portion of the job market and society in general.

Me: Buggar.

Dad: Nobody likes a smart arse.

Me: Or a pierced one, apparently.

Dad: *cough*

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