because none of us is fucking up like we think we are, is what i'm trying to say

Thursday, 23 September 2010


What I wanted to write:

Laura Jane Williams

Likes: free drinks from cute boys, something pretty to look at, attention.
Dislikes: miserable fuckers.
Worst habit: unprotected casual sex. Just kidding! I nearly always make them wear a condom.
Secret crush: You. Yes. You.
Embarrassing moment: That time I couldn't remember his name.
Dream job: Pillow-fluffer to Billy Bob Thornton.
You might not know this but I'm... Willing to experiment.
My friends think I'm... too loud/rude/like a 14-year-old-girl/offensive/insensitive/too sassy/combative/forgetful/indiscreet.

What they made me write instead:

Laura Jane Williams

Likes: dancing like no-one is watching, free drinks, Veggie Lasagna Tuesdays, saying yes to life.
Dislikes: early mornings, cucumber, people that don't laugh at themselves.
Worst habit: using funny voices in everyday speech.
Secret crush: You. Yes. You.
Embarrassing moment: breaking my Italian host family's organic toilet after too much pasta.
Dream job: professional blogger.
You might not know it but I'm... travel-obsessed.
My friends think I'm... a wanderlust that never stays in one place.

I know which version I prefer. Just saying.

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