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Saturday, 12 May 2012

Week in Pictures

So then she went and got all kinds of pregnant, THAT CUOT.
We celebrated the baby coming with carrot cake...
... And awkward dancing in the street.
I drowned my sorrows in girls' night beer.
But I will never be so drunk as to confess to having eaten more than one pizza. Shit. Wait.
What's that Laura? ANOTHER HEADSCARF?
Then I was all, 48 HOURS IN DERBY? YESSSSSS. @calummcswiggan is the bestest.

I chose the wine. "The red kind," I said.
Calum chose the cheese. "The melted kind," he said.

I bullied my nana into a photograph. Mum optimistically yelled, "BECAUSE WE MIGHT NEVER BE TOGETHER EVER AGAIN SO SHUT UP AND SMILE." You feel her love.
Auntie Barbara needed no such encouragement. "Just make it a good one," she instructed. 

Afternoon tea in a country cottage. That's what I call home.

"Do you like my stripy trousers?" I asked Uncle David. "No, duck," he said, unapologetically.

I wore them to see my Favourite Cousin and my Favourite Godmother anyway. They said, "WELL HEY, NEON!"
Before I flew back to Rome everybody sang happy birthday to me. I love cake three weeks early. I just love cake, actually. HAPPY PREMATURE BIRTHDAY TO ME.

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