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Thursday, 23 August 2012

The Color Creed

This week at DREAMERSchool we have colors who make up a group older than any we've had before. As soon as they arrived, the energy they brought with them was tangible. It was focussed. Serious. Ready.

We decided to really push them emotionally- get them to open up so that we could have an interesting, exploratory, final session before camp ends for the summer.

I shared with them my personal manifesto, and they were invited to scribe their own; to write what they care about, what they want to remember, what they want to learn. They shared what they had written, swapped papers between each other, and from somebody else's statement chose something that made them think differently. That line was then added to our Color Creed, and obviously I'll be hanging it on my wall when I get home because DAMN. THESE KIDS JUST KEEP BLOWING MY MIND.

Color Creed

Love Nature. An open mind can bring you anywhere. Don’t show your tears- show your face.

Be the protagonist in your own life.

Don’t look back. The past will never come back. Always give a second opportunity. Give the best you have to everyone.

Fight discrimination.

Survive your mistakes and carry on. Believe in what you know.

Give love if you want to receive it. Become what you want to be. Always try to grow. Be strong.

Live your life in every single way. Try, try, try. It isn’t a problem if you make a mistake. You can do everything you want. You are free.

Be the best whenever you can.

Respect promises.

Always believe in your dreams. Don’t stop dreaming. Don’t listen to what others say about your decisions.

Stay balanced.

Be yourself, even if the world doesn’t like you.

Be curious.

Let the unknown be an adventure. In our souls, there is an angel and a devil. If you aren’t getting the right answers, you’re asking the wrong question.

Try to find the best in any situation, good or bad.

(I love my job.)

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