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Thursday, 27 June 2013

All What’s In My Head and How It Changed My Month

I’m not actually sure what my job is. Calum and I were IM-ing about it last week, and I said to him, “I work in PR, my contract says ‘copywriter’, my business card says ‘digital content manager’, and I spend all day pitching articles to sites as a digital journalist. I DON’T KNOW WHO I AM ANYMORE.”

Except, I totally do, because this blog from Emma Gannon explained it to me, and then I wanted to cry because I felt like somebody understood me and I might being doing my life right after all and yes my period is due.

Then I had the idea that I wanted to share some of the other best things I read online every month, because so much of what I tweet and Facebook and squirrel away on my Tumblr is the catalyst for what I write about here- you know. Life epiphanies and the like. 

Like, right after I read Emma’s blog I started to connect dots to other things that I must’ve already been subconsciously churning over. Like how I’ve been feeling overwhelmed at work because I put a lot of pressure on myself to perform, to be The Best. I don’t like to ask for help- and, I realised, I haven’t mastered the art of delegation.

I’d also been reading up on cultivating your tribe, your army of people who make you better, and stumbled across the idea of “Shine Theory”, of why powerful women make the greatest friends. I’m big on sharing knowledge and insight and experience (what, this blog didn’t give it away?) and I don’t know, somehow all of those things amalgamated in my imagination to give me this brainwave of I SHOULD HIRE AN INTERN.

That’s what’s happening then. I went from understanding myself and my work better, to realising I way more qualified than I give myself credit for, and that it’d be rewarding to mentor somebody else who wants to do what I do… or at least understand their options to ultimately carving out their own path, because I’m all over that shit. Path carving, forever! Yay go team!

If you know anyone who’d like to learn a bit more about the world of digital content, look here. This link may also be used to extend offers of friendship, puppies, and pink frosted cupcakes.

Other stuff I’ve been marvelling over and changing my life because of this June:

“In fact, I have never had sex with anyone for the first time sober. Have you? Has anyone?” SOMEBODY ELSE QUIT DRINKING! HURRAH!

“Would you like to follow me to my college, and I’ll suck you off.” I laughed the whole way through this. Comedy genius.

Like everything in life, farts have a time and place.” Somebody- I don’t remember who now- sent me this because they thought I’d enjoy it. I did. Obviously. It’s farts.

“Your parents leave you too soon and your kids and spouse come along late, but your siblings know you when you are in your most inchoate form.” Y’all know how I feel about my brother. This was a nice reminder.

Thirty is not the new 20, so claim your adulthood, get some identity capital, use your weak ties, pick your family. Fuck man, I was ANGRY when this vid first started rolling. And then… it made sense. Why do we glorify ditzy? Why aren’t “together” 20-somethings celebrated? See also: shit guys, I’M GROWN ENOUGH TO HIRE MY OWN INTERN.

I tried. I made my zucchini pasta, I instagrammed the shit out of my zucchini pasta, I even smugly fielded questions on Facebook about how I made my zucchini pasta. But you know what? I WAS HUNGRY, PEOPLE. I tried a sugar detox this month. I don’t want to talk about it. This post made me feel better about it.

If you want more Laura Jane Williams in your life (like, d’uh), you can find me mainly using the word VAGINA in titles across the interwebs, like on xoJane where I actually got to write the sentence ‘Shaved pussy is the worst’ in my piece What It Feels Like To Laser Your Vagina.

I also got angry at pervy Internet trolls on The Sabotage Times with I Don’t Write About My Vagina To Turn You On, because honestly fellas, I really don’t. On The Huffington Post I wondered Do I Have to Choose Between My Non-Existent Chin and Being a Feminist? because quite frankly, this new job has got me all in a tither about my previous notions of Women Who Get “Work” Done.

In case you missed it, I’ve also been writing about adult acne, the woes of Internet dating, and how we must utilise our muffs to change the world because LADY GARDEN.

Let me know what you think about all (some? One?) of these links, and FOR THE LOVE OF BEYONCE hook me up with the best of your month.

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