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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

24 Ways to Be Braver

Laura Jane Williams

You know what braveness is? Braveness is trust. Braveness is boogying in your own freaky way, sugartits.

Braveness is knowledge. The knowledge that there might still be so much left to do, but so much has already been done. Look at you go!

Braveness is faith. Braveness is having faith in yourself.

Braveness is paying goddamn attention when it’d easier not to.

I’d like to be braver- short of wearing spandex knickers and a cape to Starbucks there’s no greater way to feel like a motherlovin’ boss on the daily. So I wrote a list. I did it for me, mainly. But then I didn’t get round to Monday’s blog post because I got drunk and passed out in the wrappers of two cream cheese frosted cupcakes, waking up with my new contact lenses still in, and my eyes were scratchy, and my head hurt, and I thought to myself “Oh shit, now I have to tell the Internet that I’m totally drinking again, even after I swore off booze forever.”

And then I fell back asleep. Still without having written a blog post. So here we are, a day later than my self-imposed Monday deadline, sharing stories about slutty behaviour and gluttony.

THAT’S brave. Here’s 24 other ways to feel brave, too.

1. Red lipstick.

2. Talk to strangers. Start by saying “Hello! How’re you?” to your waitress/newsagent/receptionist. Watch the surprise in their face as they realise you’re the first person to ask them that all day. Practice daily. Making friends gets easier, then.

3. Eat alone. Watch the world go by. Narrate passers-by in a David Attenborough-esque voice if that helps you to feel less exposed.

4. Write a gratitude letter, you know, just to say something nice to somebody, even if you only mail it to yourself. Because your smile really does light up a room, and you *are* ‘effing sunshine.

5. Wear the dress with the biker boots and act like that shit is totally your business. Don’t even hold your stomach in, because OH HAI WORLD YOU’RE A HUMAN BEING WITH A BELLY AND WHO CARES?

6. Just text him already.

7. Just ask him out already.

8. Just snog him already.

9. You’ve been super angry at that one person for that one thing for a little too long now. Brave would be to call ‘em, explain it to ‘em, and clear the air. Even braver would be to simply say, “Do over? I’ll try harder if you do.”

10. Turn the project down. If you’ve taken too much on speak the fuck up, because you’re going to crash and burn otherwise, and taking control of your own life is the first step towards conquering the bastard. There is no journey that you cannot u-turn, even if it’s just for now. Especially if it’s just for now.

11. Be the best version of you. You don’t have to pretend to like green smoothies or TV or gak or yoga if that ain’t you, kid. You go sit in the corner with your book and your Lionel Richie and be the mountain. They’ll come.

12. Have your photo taken, even if your nose does do that funny thing, and let people tell you how pretty you look in it.

13. Stop being so bloody busy. You don’t need a full diary and a crazy schedule to feel connected. Leave nights and long weekends free to see what unfolds. Something always does.

14. Don’t react to criticism. You can listen to the bullshit without hearing it.

15. That friend who makes you feel like shit? YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HANG OUT WITH THEM.

16. Re-write the story. Literally, sit down at your laptop and decide how this particular event in your life is going to end differently to how you’re currently letting it happen, and then go live your new ending.

17. Call your mum. She might give you shit about all kinds of things, but you know what? Ask what’s new with her because sometimes, when you’re being brave, it’s not about you, dumbass.

18. ASK FOR HELP. Ask for help and let that help happen and say thank you. Folks like to be useful.

19. Learn to be easily content. It’s the small things you remember.  

20. Write a list of the people who mean most to you in the world. Anyone not on the list does not get an opinion on your life.

21. Hug. Get physical. Reach out. Touch is primal.

22. Being braver means feeling a tiny bit terrified. Accept that.


24. Practice making a fool of yourself. Being brave means being familiar with failing, picking yourself off, dusting yourself down, and leaving those fucks you’re supposed to give behind.

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