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Monday, 2 February 2015

Ask The Question

Laura Jane Williams

You want more love.

To be in love.

In love with your life.

You want more adventure. More chances, and with it the chutzpah to grab ’em with both hands, greedily and hungry, knowing you deserve to dive into every opportunity your belly aches for when nobody else is looking.

You want to understand how it feels to try – really, balls-to-the-wall, fuck-it-all, try. To trust yourself in succeeding beyond your wildest, most inventive daydreams. You can’t even comprehend what is waiting for you yet: that’s how daring your future is.

You want the security of self to demonstrate, without permission, without restraint, that your vulnerability is your biggest strength, and that your humanness is your greatest asset.

You want to know - mind, body, heart and soul - that who you are is already exactly perfect, and so sod anyone or anything standing in your way: you’ve got a destiny to Columbus the hell out of.

You want to be enough.

I know that sometimes you settle for less-than because the prospect of daring to ask if you can take up more space, of demanding more-than, is crippling in its “but people might not like it” murmurs. There’s that voice – a voice stubbornly rooted, deep down in your belly, that whispers, even at your best: nope. You can’t do this.

“What if it doesn’t work?”

“I’ll prove everyone right when I screw this up.”

“It’s better to be safe than to be sorry.”

“People like me don’t live lives like that.

Listen, sugartits. You deserve to conquer the absolute shit out of your kingdom. To be the protagonist of your own beautiful life. You are worthy of the room it takes to spread yourself wide fucking open, legs akimbo, hands behind your back, surveying the land from your throne as you say, without a trace of shame, here I am. Here’s what I want.

Know your place. Who the BeyoncĂ© are you to keep yourself small? Who the Virginia Woolf told you to not to swell, not to open your heart and your wings, lest you fly? Are you telling that to yourself? FUCKING QUIT IT. Re-write the script. Right now. Actively choose – demand, from yourself and from the world - to direct your life according to your rules. Because your place? Your place is in the sky, soaring.

Your place is front and centre.

Your place – your purpose - is what you say it is.

The alternative is a half-life. A half-truth. A half-you. The good stuff isn’t designed to only happen to other people. The universe wants the good stuff for you. 

It’s not a privilege to know who you are. You do not need to await consent to show all of your parts. To be you. To possess your truth.

The show has already begun.

The cameras are rolling and it’s your line.

What are you going to say?

Questions are petrifying. Once you ask them you find out what your values really are, and once you know your values it’s really hard not to make decisions. About the girl. The boy. The job. The house. The way you really feel. Your body, your dreams, your fears. Your life.

I get scores of emails from readers of my website, my Thought Catalog stuff, or those who’ve seen the Superlatively Wonderful videos. Often, it’s because the sender thinks I have the answer.

I don’t have the answer.


What I'm bloody terrific at is asking the difficult question.

Welcome, then, to #AskTheQuestion, a new project based on the understanding that a remarkable life? One where you like yourself, value who you are and what you do? A life lived differently to how you’ve been told you can live? It starts with wondering. Because the magical answers we all crave – they start by asking.

Let’s do it together.

Sign-up to my direct-to-your-email “non-e-course” is open now. First blast goes live Thursday February 12th, and every Thursday until forever thereafter. £4 a month, charged every three months via PayPal. Me, in your inbox, up-close-and-personal, exploring my own daringness – intimate question by intimate question - and asking you the same questions in return.

I want you, you clever, wise thing, to write your own advice.

This is different to anything I’ve put online before. That sound you can hear? That's things hotting up and reaching a thrilling climax. I’ll still be blogging, writing articles and making videos. But this? This is where we stop casually dating and decide to go steady. This is the kind of awakening that takes commitment. Stories and links and resources and secrets. If your life is good, but you know it could be better – if you want to exercise the muscles it takes to push yourself into creating an existence you are truly proud of in your very bones – ask the question.

Like I said, I can’t tell you your answers.

But if it’s permission you need to go on ahead and own your life according to what you think is right?

I’ll fucking give it to you.


To sign up for #AskTheQuestion click here.

After your payment has been processed, you'll receive a confirmation email, and then a welcome letter. These can take up to four hours to arrive, so sit tight. They're worth the wait *she says, modestly*.

Now if you'll excuse me I think I need to take myself off alone, to shed a tiny tear of happiness. I've been waiting so long to share this with you. Months of planning! And now it's happening. This is what I looked like at 11 p.m. in my Kuala Lumpur hotel room last night, hitting "publish" on the sneak peek I gave my newsletter subscribers. 

So many people have signed up already! I'm utterly honoured. Thank you, guys, for always finding room for my enthusiasm.

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