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Friday, 1 April 2016

Becoming Daisy Buchanan

The point is this: I’m so terribly, terribly bored of writing about myself. Talking about myself. Being in my own head. On the other side of finishing the memoir – a process much lengthier, more detailed and bizarrely unending than I could ever have presumed, and one I will write about, soon – I won’t even talk about work on the phone to my mother. You really want to talk about tulips for ten minutes? she laughed down Facetime yesterday, and I did. I really did want to talk about tulips. And Kelvin, my delivery man from Morrison's. And about how adding ginger to my green juice has made the world of difference. Anything except, work.

I also wanna talk about other people. Not behind their backs – I mean, face-to-face (skype-to-skype) about what they think and they feel and what they’ve been through. I knew I wanted to talk to folks about their becoming even before Hodder bought the book. I talked about it in the acquisition meetings. I said, we consume art because we’re looking for pieces of ourselves. We don’t care who Adele is singing about: we care that she could be singing about us. We want them to get together in that movie, happily ever after, because that could be us. When I hear your story, it helps me to make sense of my own. We’re selfish, really. We need other people to be our mirror.

So. I give unto thee The Becoming Podcast: twelve weeks of conversations with my favourite women about what made them who they are, released every Friday. At the end of each podcast there’s a call-to-action about you emailing me your story of becoming, of how you came to be who you are. I’ll blog more details about that soon, but bear it in mind. I’m selfish. I need you to be my mirror. Thanks.

Without further ado, then, I present my first The Becoming Podcast guest in an episode we’ll call…

Becoming Daisy Buchanan

Daisy Buchanan is London’s most prolific young journalist. Recent winner of Words by Women Lifestyle Journalist award, Grazia Magazine agony aunt, and author of forthcoming How To Grow Up (Headline, Spring 2017), Daisy covers everything from tech to teen issues, with a lot of sex and telly in between. She was Dating Journalist of the Year at the UK Dating Awards and contributes to the Debrief, Esquire, the Guardian, the Sunday Times and The Telegraph, where she writes a weekly column for the Wonder Woman section. She’s on Twitter as @NotRollergirl.

I talked to Daisy about her becoming through body acceptance. She has documented often and openly her history with an eating disorder, and the struggles she’s endured to establish a thoughtful, happy relationship with her body. I wanted to know how she got to be so sensible and wise and OMFG listen to this and it is so obvious why she is the Internet's big sister.

Incredible and sage and hilarious things Daisy says:

“I believe the hottest thing a woman can be is not bothered” (Tweet this!)

“I would like to change my body a bit… does that make me a bad feminist?”

“There’s a new cult of dieting and wellness where wellness is code for “skinniness”

“When we take a selfie, we’re saying “I get to define how I am looked at” (Tweet this!)

“As women we’re so used to having our bodies polices – our choices policed”

“I figured out what I want by wanking” (Tweet this!)

And things Daisy mentions include:

Happy listening! And yes - I'll be on iTunes soon. Probably. Maybe. I mean... I'm busy with my tulips.


What is your relationship with your body like? Tell me on Twitter using #thisismybecoming, or email me up to 1,000 words for the chance to tell your story here on Superlatively Rude. I’m on and will host my favourites over the next few months 
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The Becoming Podcast theme music is by the incomparable Charlotte Carpenter, from her forthcoming EP How Are We Ever To Know
Oh - and don't forget to pre-order your copy of Becoming! It's down from £16.99 to £12.85 here.
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