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Friday, 13 May 2016

Becoming Alice Judge-Talbot

Episode 4 of The Becoming Podcast is "Becoming Alice Judge Talbot" - blogger, digital consultant, Telegraph columnist and one-time swimwear model, Alice is one of my favourite people to have dinner with.

We talk about independence after heartbreak, post-natal depression and anxiety, the struggle to take advice, online dating and what it takes to finally find love again – especially when you’ve already got kids – and loneliness.

Heart-warming and lovely and insightful things Alice says include:

“I never thought I had to be strong… you just get on with it. You do it.”

“It’s important that I still go out there and find myself. I can’t limit myself because I’m in my thirties and have two children.”

“You have to learn yourself again without somebody there at your side. It’s like being reborn.”

“The me that goes on a date is different to the me who blogs.”

“Saying you need help is much braver than plodding on and refusing to ask for help.”

“Becoming yourself is a constant thing. It never stops.”

You can find Alice on her blog, Instagram, and Twitter.


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