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Monday, 13 June 2016

Becoming Chelsea Fagan

Episode 5 of The Becoming Podcast is "Becoming Chelsea Fagan". Chelsea is co-founder of The Financial Diet, a site dedicated to talking about personal finance - because let's face it, nobody else wants to. Fun, engaged, and whip-smart, Chelsea has an unmistakable voice and is one of my favourite ever Twitter follows.

Here, she discusses financial security, being a former "hot mess", betraying feminism and freaking people out by talking cash.

Wise and insightful and frank things Chelsea says include:

“During one era, I was fired from every job I had”

“I think it has to be less about career and more about being able to take care of myself..."

“I felt like being financially supported for a while was a betrayal of feminist values”

“Sincerity is not the internet’s language”

“It’s really hard to be cool or disaffected about money…”

“If you think about a choice you made, or something you did, and you don’t want to talk about it… it’s so important to look at why”

"You have to be able to own poor choices without them defining you”

Follow The Finanical Diet here (and look out for their book, coming in 2017!), and Chelsea on Twitter and Instagram.


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