because none of us is fucking up like we think we are, is what i'm trying to say

Book of Brave

"This is a book about courage yes, but more than that, it is a love story. A sloppy, open-mouthed, wet kiss to world. To what it means to be alive. And because of that, it is a book for anyone. Whether you are adventurous like Laura, or timid like me, it is a book about engaging in the very personal fight to become more. Because everything takes courage, which really means meeting the fear - making space for it. And to acknowledge that, to meet that with open arms, to say this is who I am and this is what I believe, well that is the point." 

This is a book about how I learned to like myself.

I am my own best friend. Because I am my own best friend - because I am the loudest cheerleader on my own goddamn team - I am fearless.

Actually. No. That's not true.

I'm terrified, most days. But I am brave and bold and go balls-to-the-wall with the adventure of my own life in spite of that fear because I don't judge myself. As my own best friend, I forbid it. I know I'm doing my best, and so no matter what happens, minute on minute and day on day, I keep on being kind. There's no room for shit talking with me, myself, and I. This attitude - this cultivated, deliberate attitude - means that I am happy. Even on the days when I am sad. Obstinately joyful.

The Book of Brave isn't advice. It isn't the answer you've been looking for. Honeybunch - I don't know you like you know you. Didn't you know? The only authority on what's best for you, is you. I am only the authority on me, and this is a collection of stories and reflections on how, exactly, I came to love myself, and how I continue to fight for that love every single day. Because make no mistake: liking myself is a full-time job. A life's work. Continuous effort.

This is my contribution to the "this is my truest self," conversation. To the dialogue about owning who I am and what my voice is and my impact on the world. This is my story on being #BraverEveryDay.

What will yours be?

Praise for Laura Jane Williams:

"We all need inspiration to live more authentically and be fuck ups. [You] provide it in the best possible way." - Izzie

"So honest and real." - Emma

"There are no words on the Internet that I read and mull over with more care." - Lauren

"I want to be brave like you. I strive to be like you..." - Sarah

"You give me hope that I can have the future that - deep, deep, secretly down - I am yearning for." - Tori

"You're a lesson on self-love." - Anukriti

*The Book of Brave is currently unavailable*
n.b. not suitable for Kindle - stick to phones, tablets and laptops!
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