because none of us is fucking up like we think we are, is what i'm trying to say



"delicious and insightful" - Abigail Bergstorm, GLEAM

Want to make your adult life more curious, fund and carefree? Discover the art of reconnecting with your inner child.

- dare to dream bigger, laugh like you mean it, and say what you want (when you want it!)

- dance, and forget about being "cool"

- relearn how to be proudly obsessed with what you love, the importance of adventure, why sleep is not a luxury and how to slow the f*ck down

Full of spirit and unselfconscious enthusiasm, Ice Cream for Breakfast is a permsision slip to exhale for anyone who has every wondered: 'is this all there is?'.

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"Full of spirit" - Grace Paul

"... damn Laura u don't know how much I needed some of your words today. I <3 this." - @LouisaD_

"You know when a book pops up at the right time? Ice Cream for Breakfast by @superlativelyLJ arrived today and it's exactly what I needed" 

"I had depression, the doctor said. And so, what happened next is a bit left-field, but when I saw an advert on GumTree for a part-time nanny for a local family, I applied for it... I had a bonkers nine-month period where I spent twenty-five hours a week braiding hair and playing dolls and going to the park with somebody else’s children, before heading off to the BBC for twelve radio interviews or writing a column for a national magazine. Then I’d take these children who didn’t belong to me to swim class or gymnastics. I don’t think their parents ever truly understood why a writer who sometimes gets recognised at the bus stop was loading their dishwasher – because it was cash-in-hand, maybe? - but as it all worked out so well for everybody involved they didn’t push the issue. I don’t know what I would’ve said if they had. It was weird to me, too. I just knew that being around kids would… help."

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