because none of us is fucking up like we think we are, is what i'm trying to say



“Laura helped me move from the 'What The F*ck Am I Even Doing?' phase of writing a book proposal to the ‘Ah, Here It Is!’ phase. It feels like an impossible thing, really, writing a book proposal, until you get some expert guidance on the process. Not only did I find more clarity in the proposal with Laura’s support, but really, the book’s true flavour and my greater vision came into focus too."
- Claire Baker 

It was so helpful to think out loud and get your laser beam perspectives and thoughts. I am all fired up now, cannot thank you enough!

Listen, I've got absolutely no problem with tooting my own horn here. The reason you can trust me to harness the absolute best in your writing life, is that I am my own example of what is possible. I'm not the very best writer around - hell, some days I don't even feel very "good" at all - but I am consistent and motivated, clever and quick to seize opportunity, and these are all the things I can help you with, too. Writing is about constant awareness and evolution, as well as, I'm afraid to say...
actually sitting down to write.
on stage at Stylist Live, 2017

I know. Actually writing. Urgh.

But! The great news is that your first draft is supposed to be abysmal. You can't edit a blank page! You've got this! We can work on what you've got together!


I graduated with a first-class degree in Creative and Media Writing, with a focussed dissertation called A new literary landscape: is digital technology changing the way we write? I knew, right from the beginning of my career, that developing my craft was important, yes. But I also knew I had to be clever about building an audience and understanding the market, so that when I had that brilliant and amazing and most incredible manuscript ever to pass across the desk of a publishing editor I could also say: and hey! Look at this digital audience I already have!

"With Laura's help I not only scored a book deal at the first and only Publisher I submitted to, but I won it with what my Editor called one of the best book proposals she'd ever seen. Laura's help was instrumental to my success: she showed me how one puts together a strong book proposal, answered all my weird and wonderful queries on the submission and publishing process and was an all-round pillar of strength at a very nerve-wracking time. I'd recommend her help and hand-holding to anyone embarking on their book-writing journey" 

- Anonymous, until she announces said book deal!

photographed for Radley London as part of their "It Takes Two" campaign

My first book was acquired in a pre-emptive deal by one of the U.K.'s "Big Four", and within nine months of its release I had written and published a second book for them, too. That book was sold around the world, including to Brazil, North America and France, as well as Eastern Europe.

" was really useful having someone to lean into for guidance, clarity and professional advice."

In between those two books, I was dating a lot - like, dating so much it was like it was my job. So I made it my job! I wrote a pitch for Grazia magazine, told them they had a week of exclusivity before I shopped it around wider, and in September 2016 got a three-page spread announcing me as their new dating columnist. That pitch is one of the documents I am most proud of in my whole career. I saw what I wanted and I made it happen.

Grazia magazine announcing my dating column, 2016

Before my book deal, I self-published small books on this blog: The Book of Brave, and I'm Fat (But I Still Get Laid). I built an email list through this blog, too. My following on social gained traction until one day an editor at a weekly women's magazine saw me mouthing off about Jennifer Lawrence and her insistence on being a "hot mess", and commissioned me on the back of... simply having an opinion.

Since then I've written in most major U.K. press, like The Telegraph and The Guardian and Buzzfeed, been included in Stylist's Life Lessons from Remarkable Women anthology (out in March 2018), and had a TV show script picked up by a major indy production company.

(That last bit is like, such a dream come true!)

"Laura is a wonderful teacher. With patience and good humour she has the ability to coax the best out of you. She helped me so much with my writing as well as in encouraging me to find the courage to grasp for my dreams."
- Alya Moroo 

"Honestly, I found our Skype chat difficult, but your honesty and straight forwardness has un-stuck me, so although it was tricky I am very grateful for your input. (Think I secretly wanted more stroking but what I got was a kick up the butt!)"
- Elli Johnson 

at my workshop "how to write words people want to read", 2017

This blog has had over a million hits, I've got 30,000 followers and counting across social media, and my instastories get up to 1.5 million views a week. I run my own sell-out e-courses, and have taught over 1,000 students online and at events like Stylist Live and Soho Farmhouse since 2016, and utilise my background in copywriting and PR to brand myself as somebody with the audacity to make people listen.

... And I'd love to work with you.

“Laura has been tremendously supportive in guiding me through the difficult and often confusing process of putting together my book proposal. Understanding that each and every proposal is different, she really listened, helping me to create something both personal and unique.” 


What about a one-off, "How Do I Do This?" laser-focussed session?

- in a 90-minute Skype call we can get to the heart of what you're already doing, where you want to be, and figure out a plan to bridge the gap between the two

- it can be help with your book pitch or ideas for articles, workshopping your manuscript idea or troublesome chapters, brainstorming ways to get you noticed or a deep-dive into solutions for a creative rut. If you're not sure I can help you, drop me an email on 

- I'll send you a voice recording of our session, and a full follow-up with notes and next steps

- You can consider me your "accountability buddy" for the next 30 days, available via email to help you do the thing you say you're going to do

Your investment: £265


"I took part in Laura's How to Write Words That People Want to Read workshop and her Don't be a Writer, be a Storyteller online course. Laura's feedback is precise, insightful, and 100% personalised. No bland catchphrases here, but a deep understanding of you as a writer, the celebration of the qualities and strengths of your writing, and a clever analysis on the areas of improvement. All that, with a lot of empathy and kindness.
As a result to my work with Laura, her encouragements, I have enrolled with the Faber Academy to edit my novel. I couldn't recommend her courses and individual coaching highly enough. She's a brilliant teacher."
- C├ęcile  Beauvillard

Or, if you want more continued support, I take on a tiny handful of short-term coaching clients, too. 

Over three months together we can work on your manuscript, pitching process for books or magazines, or design a framework for the book you've yet to write. Of course, each plan is tailored to individuals needs, but the framework is:

- establish an objective for our time together - we can take a strategic and comprehensive look at your overall aim, breaking the writing path down into small and achievable steps in a way that feels both manageable and productive and like you

- have a 60-minute call every other week - talking through your work, where your pitfalls have been and the tools you need to overcome them, taking into account suggestions for new ways of working, or thinking about your project

- weekly email check-ins - keeping you accountable and on track!

- access to my online courses - so you know the foundations of my own writing practices

I will be your cheerleader and teacher, guide and mentor, pushing you to dare to reach your potential and acquire new skills in a way that is authentically and resolutely you.

Your investment: £1,200 (saving £150)

(or three monthly payments of £450)


email me on, with the subject "Writing Coaching" to be added to the waitlist

If you have any questions or queries - great! Send them over to laura {at} superlativelyrude {dot} com and let's talk! I'd love to hear from you.

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