because none of us is fucking up like we think we are, is what i'm trying to say


The Becoming Podcast is a weekly chat, each focused on one of twelve of my favourite women. We discuss their rites of passage - their becoming. From becoming through single parenting, body image, books, sexual liberation, memoir writing, and mastering personal finance, to depression and setting up businesses and finding a sense of self at work - we all have a story. And I can't wait to talk about them.

The incredible music for The Becoming Podcast is from Charlotte Carpenter. "Am I Alone In This" is taken from her forthcoming EP, "How Are We Ever To Know".

For individual show notes, click on the links below:

Ep. #1: Becoming Daisy Buchanan - on body confidence, selfies and belfies as an expression of personal agency, and wanking

Ep. #2: Becoming Heather Taylor Portmann - on taking up space at work, the importance of affirmation and how it's okay to want it, bosses who make us cry, and burnout

Ep. #3: Becoming Ella Kahn - on setting up your own business at 25, finding a teammate, managing the financial burden of managing yourself, and having bollocks of brass

Ep. #4: Becoming Alice Judge-Talbot - on independence after heartbreak, post-natal depression and anxiety, the struggle to take advice, online dating and what it takes to finally find love again – especially when you’ve already got kids – and loneliness

Ep. #5: Becoming Chelsea Fagan - on financial security, being a former "hot mess", betraying feminism and freaking people out by talking cash.

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